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Creating Healthier Organisations
with deep insights

Understand ・Adapt・ Thrive

Bringing together scientific research & organisations
to deliver real-world impacts

Scientific research is at the core of who we are and what we do. Our team works on cutting edge research in the organisational and behaviour sciences.

We do this to understand what makes organisations truly work and how to measure that which is difficult and unseen.

Our goal is to bring our research, underpinned by a foundation of over 50 years of scientific work, to help organisations better understand their social dynamics to create healthier, more resilient organisations.

We quantify the complexities of an organisation's social dynamics to drive healthy organisations forward.

Organisational Health is key to competitive advantage

Healthy Organisations are


to outperform unhealthy counterparts


achieved by healthy organisations

Going beyond surface level metrics,

to deliver deep insights to drive Organisational Health

To go beyond limited surface level metrics, it is necessary to understand and quantify the complex social dynamics of an organisation, and how those dynamics impact the Organisation’s Health over time.

With our analytical toolset, we passively measure an organisation's social dynamics, in real-time, across the whole organisations. So no time and cost intensive surveys, and no partial snap-shots of your organisation.


Our Research 

Expanding knowledge to better design organisations and the employee experience

We have a deep commitment to ongoing scientific research and practice at HumanDynamics. We have dedicated researchers, and collaborations with specialised research units at top UK universities,  who are pushing the boundaries of the organisational and behavioural sciences, so we can help improve the health of organisations.


Current project: The Human Connection 

The Human Connection Project is a research initiative  with University College London (UCL). The project is exploring how the formal components (those parts of our organisations which we intentionally design) impact and shape how human interactions emerge and evolve, and as a consequence, define how our organisations function and perform.

By understanding the complex interplay of interactions and their antecedents, the project aims to offer strategies to help organisations adapt on a 'micro-structural' level, enhancing employee experience, and organisational capability.

If you have questions you want to explore with HumanDynamics, or you want to get involved in one of our research projects, get in touch  

Who we are

An image of HumanDynamics founder Tom Rose

Tom Rose

HumanDynamics Founder and doctoral researcher at UCL, CONA. Tom has over 10 years of experience in high-tech industries, start-ups and B2B enterprises, and through UCL works on projects at the interface of organisational design, behavioural dynamics, and meta-knowledge managements sciences

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An image of Charles towers-Clark

Charles Towers-Clark

Author of the 'The W.E.I.R.D CEO',  AI & Digital Transformation contributor on Forbes, and innovator in self-management transformations. Charles has over 20 years of experience as former CEO and Chairman of the MVNO, Pod Group.  Through organisational behaviour research at WBS he is exploring novel ways of enhancing human skills and experience in the workplace 

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Image of collaborating team

Research Community

With deep connections in the scientific community, HumanDynamics and its research programmes are supported by a range of  researchers and specialist research centres. Through this community and collaborations we bring a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge research and knowledge to support those we work with and our goal to create healthier, more resilient organisations

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